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China needs to have its own place in the coming 5G market !

China Wuhan Geehe Optical Communication Co.,ltd certification
China Wuhan Geehe Optical Communication Co.,ltd certification
We are very happy with the new MPO connectors with the metal substrate that you used for us.

—— Scott Besaw

Best wishes to the Optotop team for the Christmas holidays and thanks for the great service and support.

—— Kenny

This is certainly a huge growth for you, and we are very happy that we have you as a valuable partner.

—— Victor Dr.

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Company News
China needs to have its own place in the coming 5G market !
Latest company news about China needs to have its own place in the coming 5G market !

What is 5G?

I believe many people will be so questionable when see 5G. Judging from the word meaning, 5G refers to the fifth generation of mobile communications. However, how should it define? Currently, the global industry for 5G concept not yet agreed. China IMT-2020 (5G) group released the White Paper considers the concept 5G, 5G integrated key capabilities and core technology, 5G concept by "important targets" and "a group of key technologies" to a common definition. Among them, the flag indicators "Gbps rate user experience" is a set of key technologies, including large-scale antenna array, ultra-dense networking, new multi-site, full-spectrum access and new network architectures.

Recalling the course of development of mobile communications, each generation ofmobile communication systems can be defined by sexual performance indicators and signs of key technologies. Wherein, 1G using FDMA, only analog voice services; 2G mainly using TDMA, can provide voice and low-speed digital data services; 3G to CDMA technology is characterized by user peak rate of 2Mbps to reach tens of Mbps, support multimedia data services; 4G OFDMAtechnology as the core, the user peak rate of up to 100Mbps ~ 1Gbps, can support a variety of mobile broadband data services.

Faced with diverse scenes of extreme performance demands differentiation, 5G cannot have solutions for all scenarios. In addition, the current wireless technology innovation has diversified development trend, in addition to the new multi-access technology, large-scale antenna array, ultra-dense network, the whole spectrum access, the new network architecture, also is considered to be the main technical direction.5G can play a key role in the major technology scene.

Moving towards 5G imposes changes not only in the RadioAccess Network (RAN) but also in the Core Network (CN),where new approaches to network design are needed to provideconnectivity to growing number of users and devices.The trend is to decouple hardware from software and movethe network functions towards the latter one. Software DefinedNetworking (SDN) being standardised by Open NetworkingFoundation (ONF) assumes separation of the controland data plane[12]. Consequently, thanks to centralizationand programmability, configuration of forwarding canbe greatly automated.

Moreover, standardisation efforts aiming at defining NetworkFunctions Virtualisation(NFV) are conducted by multipleindustrial partners including network operators and equipmentvendors within ETSI.[13] Introducing a new softwarebased solution is much faster than installing an additionalspecialised device with a particular functionality.Both solutions would improve the network adaptability andmake it easily scalable. As a result of simpler operation, onecan expect more dynamic and faster deployment of new networkfeatures.

5G network to achieve real business there are a lot of unresolved issues. Also faced include how to design network architecture, including many technical challenges. Compared with previous generations of communications technology, 5G era biggest challenge is not how to increase the rate, but the user experience with traffic density, the number of terminals from a series of interwoven problems. As much as possible while also reducing user costs. This is the 5G network must be solved.

5G study conducted in China are enthusiastic, China needs to accelerate the pace of its own 5G technology to get rid of dependence on foreign companies.5G accelerate the development is conducive to China stand at the forefront of the competition in the next wave of data, a competitive advantage.

China needs to have its own place in the 5G market, China's communications companies are also very hard, believe in the future, China's R & D level 5G will lead other countries.

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